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Why Challenges? A note from our Directors


Challenges Summer Program is a wonderful opportunity for all children rising to third grade through seventh. It is designed to assist with developing confidence, awareness of personal resources, social skills, resiliency or simply for enrichment. Many parents choose to give their children the opportunity to participate in the Challenges Summer Program to support their child’s sense of self. Our highly skilled and dedicated staff create an engaging opportunity for learning important life skills.


After more than 20 Summers at Challenges,  I continue to be amazed at how this program has positively impacted my life with so much joy and satisfaction.  Much of the program’s success is directly related to our dynamic staff who is extremely dedicated to each camper’s personal accomplishments. Two former campers even returned as adults to take on leadership roles, and two counselors live out of state but travel back to New Orleans for our three-week program every Summer.


Challenges Summer Program ensures that every camper has a safe, supportive environment to take risks and grow their resiliency skills. Recent research from Harvard and Stanford shows that more than 85% of success in life accounts from Soft Skills (empathy, effective communication, problem-solvinrg skills, and coping skills), Emotional Intelligence, and Personal Skills.  Challenges Summer Program teaches campers and their parents these important life skills which help to foster a growth mindset and personal success.


Mike and Sutton Ruiz, Challenge Directors

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