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Bowen Mince, Veteran Camper

Challenges is, in one word, coping. That is the first thing the counselors said to me when I got there. Honestly, I did not know the word at the time, but I was sure to know after the 5 summers I attended Challenges. Coping is the cornerstone to Challenges and, I think, the cornerstone to being successful at life. When I was a kid, and I was mad or disappointed, I did not handle the situation well at all. For example, when I got frustrated in Kindergarten, I remember that I would tense up, and clench my teeth and fists together. Challenges definitely helped me understand why I had those reactions to tough situations and how to better fight through them. I play a lot of junior tennis and I have used the skills I learned at Challenges to deal with the strong emotions that I have – even the ups and downs I feel during a single match. But sports is not the only thing I use what I learned from Challenges for. I use it almost every day! Collect, reflect select!